Taylor & Craig, Carlton Hotel, Prestwick

The wedding day started at Taylor's house in East Kilbride, where she spent the morning getting ready. While the preparations were taking place, the house was filled with fun and laughter. Taylor was the most laid back bride I have ever worked with and her smile is the most contagious. The atmosphere in the house was very light, indeed.

Once ready, we all drove to Carlton Hotel in Prestwick, where nervous groom and all wedding guests waited for the bride's arrival. The ceremony was the most joyful with Taylor and Craig's children being involved.

After the ceremony everyone went outside for some group pictures. The weather was really beautiful that day, showing Carlton Hotel in it's beauty. We managed to take some pictures of the newly wedded in beautiful golden light when the sun set for the night.

All guests had lots of fun at the reception, which unfortunately, due to covid restrictions lasted only until 10 pm. However everyone used this time to the full and I could still hear the chatter and laughter when I was leaving.

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